Reindeer Directed Draw | Christmas Art Activity



This Christmas Reindeer Directive Draw art activity is a fun way to bring Christmas art to the classroom. It is very easy to teach, the step-by-step instructions are included and they look adorable when finished. These look great on the bulletin board as well.
This can be done as a whole group activity or students can complete independently at a center.
Once the step-by-step instructions are completed, students get a chance to be creative and make it their own. Then they will trace with a black marker and can either use watercolors (recommended) or color their picture.
This is also a great lesson on following directions.
Included are student directions too so they can complete it on their own!
Schedule of 12 Days of Christmas Activities:
Day 2: Make Snowflakes
Day 3: How to Writing Lesson
Day 4: Educational Snowball Fight
Day 7: Directive Draw Reindeer
Day 9: Craft: Making a Wreath
Day 10: Parent Christmas Gift
Day 11: Wrap the Parent Gift
Day 12: Christmas Party
As always, please contact me with any questions.
Thank you so much,
Special Treat Friday, Heather McKinsey

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