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Use Fruit Loops to assess your 1st grade students at Back to School time.


Use Fruit Loops in your math class to assess your 1st grade class and help students have interactive fun with math.

This is a great way to introduce math and assess at the beginning of the year. This is math with a tasty twist. The students will be given a handful of Fruit Loops by the teacher and they will practice sorting by color, graphing, place value, adding and subtracting, put them on a number line to count the total, graph the class totals and prediction. They will also have practice of counting how many tens and ones.

What’s Included

  • Graphing Sheet
  • Lesson Ideas
  • Question Sheet
  • Various Worksheets in color and Black and White
  • Interactive Lesson Opportunities
  • Extension Ideas
  • Tens and Ones Sheet

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