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A lifestyle planner and bullet journal is just what your need to grow yourself this year. It is time to focus on your needs and growth. This goal driven, year resource will help you meet those goals and keep you organized.


Are you ready for 2021 and 2022? This year lets focus more on you with this Lifestyle Planner and Bullet Journal. This planner is not just for teachers, but for anyone wanting to make changes, set new habits, keep to them, set goals and make a plan for them. Inside this planner are calendar pages, various goal pages, notes pages, journal pages, gratitude work, habit tracker, savings tracker, and more.
I am so excited for this product to grow me personally this year. I am the type that needs to write it down and be able to see it daily. I hope that you will love it as much as I do.
It is my vision that you will pick and choose the pages that fit your life and your needs. It can be printed in color or black and white (which is super boring, but not everyone has access to a color printer).
Calendar has been updated for 2021-2022!
Here is what is included
All pages are hand drawn and designed
  • Over 160 pages
  • Daily Gratitude, Dreams and Prayers
  • Daily Page (blank categories)
  • Gratitude Adult Coloring Page
  • Habits Tracker by Month (One for each month)
  • When was the last time ….
  • Cleaning Plan
  • To-Do List
  • To-Do List Smaller Version (4 to a page-multiple lists)
  • Notes pages (a few variety)
  • Brain Dump Page
  • Journal Pages (2 types)
  • Church Notes
  • Shopping List & Meal Plan
  • Goal Sheets (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly) A few varieties
  • Inspirational Quotes on most pages
  • Month Calendar Pages- They spread out across 2 pages- All hand drawn with a monthly theme. Plenty of room to write
  • Weekly calendar pages that spread across 2 pages. Plenty of room to write
  • Project idea pages
  • Project pages to write notes
  • Budget Pages
  • Savings Pages (a few varieties)
  • Annual Expected Expenses
  • Upcoming Expenses
These pages can be printed back to back (recommended) and three hole punched and put in a binder or bound at an office supply store (It only costs a few dollars). It is not designed to just be printed straight off, you will need to pick your pages.
I bough an inexpensive flimsy binder at the Dollar Store and had the Office Supply store splice it and use it as my cover and back of the planner. It looks super cute. In fact I seriously love it.
I also recommend laminating the pages that you use often like the Shopping List & To-Do List. Then use the vis-à-vis markers to write on them. These don’t smudge off unless wiped off with water. These laminated pages work even work with the binding machines as well.
Please look at the preview to get samples of the pages.
Also, make sure you subscribe so that you can get all the latest deals. 
As always, please contact me with any questions.
Enjoy this as much as I have! Have a wonderful 2021-2022!
Heather McKinsey

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