Contraction Surgery


An interactive way to teach your students about contractions. Learning about contractions with the idea of surgery will cement the idea into your student’s minds. They won’t forget this activity!


An interactive way to teach your students about contractions. In this room transformation, we will take the idea of contractions and make it come alive for your students and it will be a concept that they won’t forget.
Included in this unit
  • Detailed step-by-step lesson plans
  • Contraction Doctor Booklets 
  • Sample table set up pictures
  • Anchor Chart Design
  • Mini Lessons on Contractions
  • Differentiated contraction surgery pages
  • Additional Contraction Activities
  • Contraction Games
  • Contraction Worksheets
  • Over 65 pages
How it works
As the teacher, you build up the excitement throughout the day, you will have a mini-lesson on contractions and how a hospital and surgery works. Then the students get to finally be word surgeons. They put on their gloves and mask and get to cutting their words. They add in the apostrophe, they make surgery notes on how it went, and a conclusion to how each surgery went.
Ask a local doctor or hospital to donate a class set of gloves and masks to really get the students excited. The students love the gloves and the masks. They will ask if they can take them home. The students become hyper-focused on their job as a surgeon and it engages the whole class.
There are additional games and activities that can be used before or on other days.
If your students haven’t been exposed to contractions, there are some mini-lessons and multiple activities for them to do so that they are prepared on surgery day.
As always, please contact me with any questions.
Make Learning Fun This Week,
Special Treat Friday, Heather McKinsey


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