Back to School Routines and Procedures Checklist



Grab our Checklist of 60 Back to School Routines and Procedures so that your classroom will be a well-oiled machine in a few weeks!

Having your Back to School Routines and Procedures for your classroom in place before your students walk through your door is gold for your school year. It will set you up for success. Now you just need to teach them and follow through easy, right! Ha Ha!

Setting up routines beforehand is easier said than done. I know! I feel like I go through this each year, I have to mentally make sure I know each procedure before my students come to school. The end of the year is the sweetest, I even get lazy, because the kids know the routines so well that it all just happens. But in order to get to this point, you have to start with the beginning.

A classroom filled with students who know what is going on, where things go, and who can transition between activities quickly will have more time, in the end, to get to the various activities and standards. You will accomplish more as a teacher, therefore the students will learn more.

Get this FREEBIE and let all your teacher friends know where to find it.

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