How to Make a Slime Science Project

Slime Science Project

Every kid loves to play with slime and making it is part of the fun. Even in the 90’s slime was fun to play with it, I don’t remember ever making it, but I definitely bought it! One of my favorite shows was the Nickelodeon show where the kids would get slimed. My brother and I always wanted to get onto that show.

This slime science project has the easiest slime recipe you can find and with the least amount of ingredients, but it is definitely messy. I recommend doing it outside if possible.

I usually save this experiment for a class reward but instead of just having the class make slime, make it educational by doing the Scientific Method. They get “the fun” but you get to teach.

How it works

Before we start the experiment I pass out lab books for the students to use throughout the experiment. We start off with our hypothesis, and we write out the steps and the supplies that are needed. As the experiment goes the students are making observations and are recording them in their lab books. They will need these to answer the Scientific Question for the experiment.

I always set out all the supplies ahead of time. It takes sometime to pre-measure, so if you have parent volunteer, this would be a great time to use them.

I pre-measure and put all the cups on the table.

Then, I let each student get their own supplies and just mix them and stir.

If you add food coloring to the water, it is fun to see the oobleck take its shape in a color.

The really cool part is when the students get to put the oobleck slime in their hands and let it glide through their fingers. Then, if they stab at it with the popsicle stick they will see that it is hard like a solid, but if they gently put the popsicle stick in, the stick will glide in like a liquid.

Oobleck Slime Science

What do you need?

– Water

– Food Coloring

– Cornstarch

– Small Cups

– Popscicle Sticks

– Cleaning Supplies-For cleaning up

(broom, paper towels, Spray bottle)

The Science To It!

So is it a solid or a liquid?

(This is the question that they are all trying to figure out)

Making Oobleck Slime

So this Oobleck substance is both a solid and a liquid, it has its own name of a Non-Newtonian Fluid. It is in the same category as quick sand. Have students play with the oobleck and write down the features it has that are liquid and those that make it a solid.

How is it similar to quicksand? What might happen if you stepped into a pool of oobleck or found quicksand?

Where can I get this lab?

If you are interested in doing this lab with your students and want all the measurements, lab books and step by step instructions and activities, CLICK HERE for the full unit.

Be prepared to be loved by your students, have fun, teach and make a mess! Learning can be messy.

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