Easy Halloween Science Activities

Halloween Science Activities

I love adding Easy Science Experiments to our Classroom Holiday celebrations, this easy Halloween Science Activity Lab is perfect to add to your classroom Halloween party and it is so fun that it CAN BE your Halloween Party!

Every year Target starts adding bags of fun-sized candy bars to their shelves earlier and earlier before Halloween. They know that we will fall into the temptation to buy even though we aren’t buying for Halloween. I have fallen into that temptation a few times. 

A few years ago my school said we could only have 2 parties in a school year and we had to pick them out and submit them to admin. Halloween didn’t make the cut on my list, but I still wanted to have fun on Halloween. So I came up with a new plan. 

Halloween Science Activities

I decided to start doing Science Experiments each year on holidays, instead of a party. The kids get to have the fun of Halloween by eating candy and will be learning simultaneously. It was the perfect match!

This was the year that the Halloween Science Lab was born!

In this Halloween Science experiment, students will learn about the Scientific Method by doing a full lab. They get to be scientists with their own lab books and they get to choose their own variables. Add the candy. Watch. Observe. Record their results. Come up with a conclusion. It’s all there. 

Halloween Science Activities

Your scientists are trying to answer the question: “What is the best wrapper to put on candy should you be buying it on a rainy day?”

If you are able to gather enough supplies, this experiment is best done where each child has their own lab books, candy, and cups. If not, doing it in small groups is very effective as well. 

My favorite part of this experiment is hearing the gasps, the excitement, and the buzz of the room. The kids are so into observing and recording results that they forget they are learning at the same time. It is the perfect storm of teaching!

Halloween Science Activities

At the end of our Halloween Science Lab, I show the students that we are all out of candy. They ruined it all for the experiment. They usually moan and groan and get upset.

Then, I always let the kids taste-test the experiment. It won’t hurt them, but it is really gross. Some even pretend they like it. Then I give them some real candy!

For more information on getting the Halloween Science Lab books to use in your classroom or the lesson plans CLICK HERE.

Students Who Don’t Celebrate Halloween

If you happen to have a kiddo that doesn’t celebrate Halloween or your school doesn’t allow mentioning holidays, this Science experiment never mentions Halloween, the lab book is titled Candy Science Lab. So we have your bases covered!

This Halloween Science Lab is always a favorite every year that I teach. The kids talk about it and tell the future students that it is one of their favorite days of the year.

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Halloween Science Activities


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