How to Teach Writing Strategies

When I graduated from the credential program, I was clueless about how to teach writing to my students. It was not taught in my classes. However, my Master Teacher showed me some ways, but I just watched and that was it, they sent me on my way.

I wanted to do what my Master Teacher had taught me, but she definitely didn’t set me up for success and I didn’t have my own classroom which made it hard to master those skills. It’s a hard concept to learn when you haven’t seen the start to the finish or haven’t been taught the concepts.

I learned how to teach writing through the teachers that I watched, research and I figured a lot out on my own. I wasted a lot of time and my student’s time learning how to teach writing. It’s my favorite subject so I was determined to get it down.

Now What?

I have created this Professional Development Course and video series for that purpose, to give you a safe and easy place to learn, practice, and get your questions answered.

In this video series, there are 7 modules, plus a bunch of PDFs to use with your class!

I have set it up so that you will learn all about the Writer’s Workshop Model of teaching and how to fit writing into your daily lesson plan. Then I go through each type of writing and teach you how to teach it. I also help you teach your students how to manage editing in the classroom with the Writer’s Workshop model. Check out this FREEBIE on how to use Writer’s Workshop in the Classroom. CLICK HERE

It will be a time of clarification and will take a huge load off of teaching writing!

What’s in the Course?

Module 1: Introduction to the Course

Module 2: What is Writer’s Workshop

Module 3: Teaching Informational Writing

Module 4: Teaching Opinion Writing

Module 5: Teaching Narrative Writing

Module 6: Introduction and Conclusions

Module 7: Self Editing and Peer Editing

Video Preview of the Program

Check out this video preview that I made for Module 7. It will give you an idea on what to expect.


In this course, you will also get access to a closed Facebook group. In this group, you can ask questions, get more advice, you will get access to freebies, and hear about discounts.

Check out the Course Here!

This past year my group of 2nd-grade students were post-pandemic and they were low, as were many students nationwide. They were by far the lowest group of 2nd graders that I have had. But, this is why I love my Writing Program, because no matter what level they come into my classroom, it is differentiated enough to where I can teach right where they are at.

Do you need PD credits?

I know the schools that I have worked for will send us to Professional Development classes and some are good and some are a waste of time. Some are on Saturday morning or Friday after teaching and that’s the last thing I want to do on my weekend off is attend a Professional Development class.

I love that this is PD that you can do on your own time. You can listen to these videos with a cup of coffee in one hand and stay in your PJs., or while you are getting ready in the morning (HINT: That’s when I listen to my PD). Also, if you need to re-listen, you have lifetime access. I love that about online PD programs, I will go back and listen to some multiple times. When I attend in person, I never take good enough notes and always wish I could re-listen.

Why do I need this?

Good question!

  • Are your students bored with writing?
  • Do they groan when you mention it is writing time?
  • Do you lack creativity for your writing block?
  • Are you not sure how to fit in writing to your day? Writing should be done daily.
  • Are your students struggling to even write one sentence let alone 4 by the end of 1st grade?
  • Do you have a lot of EL students?
  • Does your curriculum include a writing component or are you expected to just fit it in?
  • Do you even have a writing curriculum? My school doesn’t!
  • Are you a new teacher who is nervous about the start of the year and don’t even know where to begin?

I have been there for all of these? This program was created just for you.

Are you ready to Jump In?

If you are ready to jump in and bring your students to the next level… CLICK HERE for the Course.

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