Family Fun at Bass Pro Shop

Special Treat Friday at Bass Pro Shop

Our family fun Special Treat Friday this week was supposed to be the Manteca Farmer’s Market. I had been planning it for quite a few weeks. The sign was up awhile back and I had put it in my calendar. I had told the kids about it and was excited to get our fruits and vegetables and the Farmer’s Market always has yummy treats. I wasn’t sure how big it would be, so I thought it would be fun to explore the Bass Pro Shop in the same parking lot.

Special Treat Friday at Bass Pro Shop

Drove 30 minutes there…

We had a fun drive, the kids were excited and we were looking forward to our treats. There was a cute pond with ducks along the side, (mental note bring bread for the ducks next time) and the kids wanted so badly to feed them. Courtney may have slipped them a few Fish Crackers she had stashed in her purse.

Special Treat Friday at Bass Pro Shop

We rounded the corner to see the booths set up. I kept looking ahead and wasn’t seeing the booths with fruit, vegetables and treats. In fact, not a single booth had food. There were a few that had some homemade gifts and some home businesses, but mostly they were booths with junk that people were re-selling from places like Amazon. I was so disappointed. The kids did enjoy looking, but I think it took us 10 minutes and we got through the area in a flash.

Now what?

Bass Pro Shop it is! We walked across the parking lot to Bass Pro Shop and headed in and made the absolute best of it!

Special Treat Friday at Bass Pro Shop

I had been there before and knew they had yummy treats, including their fudge, in their little food shop. So I let the kids pick out any treat they wanted. They took forever to decide. But the final decisions were: two picked out the marshmallows dipped in chocolate, one chose Rootbeer candy, and I chose the Smores Fudge. We saved our treats til we left the store. The marshmallow kids loved theirs. The Rootbeer candy kid did not care for hers and was in tears because she made the wrong choice. I shared my fudge with her. Mine was okay, I should have gone with the peanut butter chocolate.  We had 2 out of 4 happy.

Since we were there, it was time to explore. Boy, did we explore that place from top to bottom. We looked at boats, ATVs, clothes, sat in tents, laid on the cots, sat in the chairs and even petted the fake animals scattered around the store.

Special Treat Friday at Bass Pro Shop

By the way are those real? I’m pretty sure they are, I told the kids they were, but when we felt them, they didn’t feel real. It was hilarious watching their reactions to touching them.

We love the fish tank, probably our favorite. I could watch it for hours.

Special Treat Friday at Bass Pro Shop

All in all it was fun, the kids asked to come back again, and we got out with only spending money on treats, which was the plan.

Special Treat Friday at Bass Pro Shop

Til next time!

Click here to find a Bass Pro near you. 

This is not a paid advertisement, though if they want to they can!

Special Treat Friday at Bass Pro Shop


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