Traveling Stress

Traveling Stress


Just got in from doing a walk. Today has been really stressful, actually the last couple weeks have had some stressful moments to them. We do not travel very much. We go on little trips here and there but as far as going on an airplane or staying in a hotel for a week, we do not do that very much. I am remembering why or maybe I am completely inexperienced, but this is stressful.

We have a big trip coming up and I am completely stressed. We are heading to Nashville to the big TPT Conference. and my husband and I are adding a few extra days to have some fun for themselves and we are dropping the kids off at my parents house. They will be there for the entire time we are there.

Part of the stress that I am feeling is the fact that so much personal things were put off while I was teaching this last year and I have had to make up for lost time. These are things that need to be done because I have put them off for so long. I had to get the car in for a really big service (100K) so we could drive it on an 8 hour trip to drop the kids off at my parents, I had to find a place to board our dog (we have never done that before), they needed him to be updated on his shots. I called the vet, they said that we missed it by just a few days. So I had to make an appointment for the dog to get shots, but they were all booked before the trip, so then I had to take him out to the humane society. I had to find someone to feed the cats, our car insurance comes up for renewal while we are on our trip and I have been working for a few weeks trying to get a new one set in place so everything is set to roll out while we are on our trip. It has taken way too long, too many long phone calls and has been too many steps.

We also went out of town a few days this week on a short camping trip. So there was the packing for that, being gone, tons of laundry that was accrued and all the stuff needing to be put away.

I have spent time putting together my conference notebook, getting it bound, printing up the conference forms and then getting it re-bound because I forgot all of those. I printed up the flight confirmation, my conference confirmation, the hotel confirmation and I called the hotel to re-confirm that they had us staying for the dates we chose. Meal planning before the trip so we do not have too many left over food at home.

Then we found mouse droppings in the garage and I had to clear space in our linen closet to move all the garage food into the house so that the mice didn’t have a feast while we were gone.

Then this week, I had to buy a cover for my laptop, buy snacks for the conference to sneak them in, the bank to get cash for the trip and cash for my parents, making meal plans for the kids, grocery shopping for my parents so they don’t have to get all the food. Laundry for the trip and not to mention packing my stuff and the kids stuff.

All this to go on vacation. Maybe I am not cut out for this travel stuff. All this stress has been building up the last for days. I know if sounds unreasonable and I am not sure where all the stress is stemming from. Maybe it is the leaving the kids for a long time, spending extra money, traveling on a plane (I haven’t been on a plane in a long time), and I am not using my time wisely because I am feeling stressed. I am not being a good mama to my babies or a good wife to my hubby and I am easily irritated because of the stress.

A good workout and some time to myself has felt good tonight.

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