It was a Coldstones kind of night

Special Treat Friday

Today is Special Treat Friday and it wasn’t a fancy one. The kids were kind of misbehaving this morning which got us off to a late start to our day. I told them I was going to re-duce what we do for our Special Treat. So after I picked them up from camp, I had errands to do and so Coldstones was one of the options I gave them in the Costco parking lot. I found a new Grocery Pick up and had placed my order. The pick up location was next to Costco. So I had a car full of groceries, we hit Costco for 5 items, and 5 sample stops, (I only spent $34) and then I wanted to hurry to the car because it was hot today. I was worried all my new food would melt. I ran the air full blast and drove to Coldstones. I am so anti driving to another business in the same parking lot, but this was my groceries and I was not going to ruin them.

Jay was misbehaving even more in Costco so he got to have ice cream, but without a topping. He was sad, but I could tell he understood his consequence. Everyone got their ice cream and we got one for daddy to go. We ate it on the way home. Not ideal. I have got to stop with this whole “allowing the kids to eat in the car thing”.


Mine was good. Really good actually. But I felt so sick after. This happened last time too and not just with Coldstones. I need to re-think the next ice cream, is it worth it to feel this way?

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