Incredibles Movie II

We do not go to the movies very often. I actually do not like the movies. I know, I am weird. But I can’t stand sitting still for that long. I need to get up and move. I go for the popcorn, really I do.

But the new Incredibles movie was coming out this weekend and we really wanted to take the kids. Jay is at this age where he is really into super heros and he likes superhero movies, that aren’t too scary. I hadn’t shown him this movie, because I had pretty much forgotten about it. When the talks of it coming out again came up, it was on our list of movies to show the kids. The older 2 girls had seen it before they said, but Jay really liked it.

I definitely recommend seeing the 1st one again before. The second one picks up right where the the first stopped and it plays an important part in the movie.

We had to go pretty early because most shows were sold out. It was fine, cheaper too. The movie was really good. Lots of action and really loud. Caylee who is 7, was not a fan of all the action and noise. Everyone else loved it. It had some great adult humor and funny parts for the kids. My husband said it was like and adult James Bond. He was cracking up the entire time. Do go see it. I am sure my kids will be seeing it again, not in the theater but in the nice comfort of our house.

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