Walking Is Back!

One of the many things I miss when I didn’t work outside the home was our walks to do errands. I love walking. I love to walk everywhere. Where we used to live I would walk to do all my errands. I miss it. So today I had to get a few things at Walgreens and decided I would have the kids ride their scooters there.

We we got down the driveway before Jay opted out of the scooter and wanted to go in the stroller. I was guaranteeing that would happen. I got rid of my nice BOB stroller and this is when I miss it. So I pushed Jay and the girls used their scooters. Caylee only made it a little way and she was pooped. So I carried her scooter and she pushed Jay. Let’s just say our walk took much longer. But we made it. We Grabbed the things that were on my list and picked out a birthday gift for a friend. I had told each kid they could get a treat, and of course the chose chocolate and it melted really fast. We headed back home. Caylee had the genius idea to put the scooter on the stroller, so the walk home was much faster. We stopped at our neighborhood park for a bit and the kids even saw a few friends there, which never happens,but was pretty cool.

It was HOT, so I wanted to head home. Our water was gone and I was done.

It was s much needed job after it has been put off for too long.

The days I have all 3 kids home I have decided I will wake up super early to get work done for at least an hour and then have them do quiet time in the afternoon for an hour to work some more. I just worked today on a big update of my Economics Unit and some marketing.

The rest of the day was spent stripping all the beds and washing all blankets and sheets.

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