Monterey Family Day

It has been forever since we have been to the beach. When we lived by the beach I wasn’t a fan of the beach. I always thought of it as crowded and dirty. Sandwood get all over the car and I would have so much cleaning to do. When we got home. But now that we live almost 3 hours from the beach, it is a huge treat to go. We tried to get out to the beach around five times a year, but this was a longer stretch. Our favorite spot is Monterey, and the kids wanted to go downtown, which changes the beach experience. I packed for a beach day, but we ended up only spending about 30 minutes on the actual beach. That’s fine just being around the salty air in the sand is good for the soul. The kids wanted to go into the little candy shops and gift shops and look around. The traffic was awful getting there, so we had way less time than we wanted. I always miss living by the ocean when we actually get there, I miss the beauty of looking out at the ocean and the calmness it provides. I love the sound of the waves and watching the waves, I love watching the boats.


Caylee loves the beach. She’s not as into getting dirty and wet. But this time she was in the water a lot more. She loves the air she loves the sound and she loves to search for shells. She is always the one that will bring home a handful of shells, and find something to do with them at home. This little girl loves Monterey, she would move there in a heartbeat if she could.



Courtney is the one who loves to get in the water, she doesn’t mind that it’s cold and salty. She wants to get near all the sea creatures and touch them. I really need to take her to some tide pools. She has no issues getting dirty and getting Sandy. She just loves being down at the beach.

Now Jay is way more apprehensive about the beach. He spent most of the time at the back end of the beach. The waves make him nervous, and there is no way he was touching the cold water. But we did get him to get closer and to be near the waves. The waves were really calm today, so he was a lot more brave. The last few times we have been the waves have been huge. He is very curious the water. He wants to know everything that’s in it and where the sharks are. He has a quiet obsession with the ocean but wants to stay a bit far away.

It was a quick trip not near long enough, I wish we could’ve stayed in a hotel but it was time to get back.

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