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Letters to Santa

Every little kid loves to write a letter to Santa. Do you still remember writing your lists? I do! I loved to slip it into the mail box when I was done. Do you wonder where all the letters addressed to Santa end up? Have you noticed that lately kids will not really write a letter to Santa but just a list. It’s just: Dear Santa, I want a new skateboard computer ... Read More about Letters to Santa

How to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day

It's September and Fall is coming soon which means it is time to learn about apples and Johnny Appleseed! Johnny Appleseed Day is on September 26th, so that gives us all month to prepare and learn. I enjoy teaching about tall tales and fairy tales and love reading them to my students too. The stories always peak their interest. It always surprises me how many haven’t heard of them ... Read More about How to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day

Classroom Mailboxes

The end of the day in an elementary class can be so chaotic without the use of specific classroom routines. When I first started teaching, part of the end of the day routine was passing out all the papers that I had graded or that needed to be returned. We also had numerous school papers from the office that needed to go home. I am a huge fan of using the students as helpers, but when it ... Read More about Classroom Mailboxes

Top 10 Classroom Supplies

It is time to start thinking about next year already. Maybe admin has given you money to spend for next year, or you need to make a classroom supply list for the student's families to purchase, or you still have left over money to spend. I like to plan ahead for next year. Each school is different in the way they handle supplies and each socio-economic level of your population will factor in on ... Read More about Top 10 Classroom Supplies

How to Teach Project Based Learning

I was introduced to Project Based Learning several years ago. I had takensome time off of teaching to be a mom and when I came back to the "Worldof Education" it was a little nerve wracking because so much had changed.Technology was more widely used, behavior was worse, common core was in most schools and the ways to teach were all so much different than I had done or was taught. I knew going ... Read More about How to Teach Project Based Learning

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