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    Animal Survival Project

    What if I had animal teeth? Could I eat my morning cereal? Would I be able to brush them all? We have our teeth to help us eat and survive and animals have special teeth to help them survive. This Unit on "What if I had Animal Teeth" helps students to research various animal teeth and decide how that animal's teeth help them survive in their habitat. I love starting this unit off with the ... Read More about Animal Survival Project

    Why I Quit Teaching

    Should I Quit Teaching? Who quits on the kids? But this is what I went to school for? My family needs the money? Its all I know what to do? These were the thoughts moving in my head the months and months of choosing to quit my teaching job. I am a good teacher. Sometimes I forget how good of a teacher I am. I enjoy it too. I love creating relationships with my students and getting to know them ... Read More about Why I Quit Teaching

    What is Contraction Surgery?

    What is contraction surgery? I wondered the same a few years ago and then started looking into it and loved what I saw. I was determined to make it happen for my students. But when you teach 1st grade (which I was in the first time I put this together), you need to wait until the students grasp a better idea of what a contraction is and how and when to use them. For my school, that meant ... Read More about What is Contraction Surgery?

    Classroom Management Tips

    Classroom Management can be a tricky area. Classroom dynamics can change things so much. Have you ever had that day when 4 kids were absent and the day just went smoother? Or "that kid" was absent and it was a whole new class? Unfortunately, some classroom dynamics we can't change, but there are some that we can. I had a very difficult class a few years ago. The boys fed off of each other, I ... Read More about Classroom Management Tips

    Valentine’s Day Science Fun

    This Valentine's Day Science Project is the perfect way to incorporate Science, Valentine's Day, a lab and lots of learning. The kids think your the "coolest teacher ever" because you just made a chemical reaction happen in class! We had so much fun exploring with these chemical reactions and the prep I made ahead of time was worth it after hearing the shouts and screaming in amazement. ... Read More about Valentine’s Day Science Fun